Grades 3-6

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  • OPTIMUS PRIME wants YOU to showcase your NASA knowledge in a Glog!

    Bumblebee PatchYour Mission: Search for Spinoffs in your Environment

    OPTIMUS PRIME wants you to identify NASA Spinoff technology in your world and test your skills at changing an everyday object into something that will make your world a better place!

    Using a combination of text, images and videos, create a Glogster Multimedia Poster, a “Glog”, that you will use to share your ideas with NASA.

    Just like an engineer, you will use an Engineering Design Process to take an everyday object and use it in new ways that will solve a problem.


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    Steps to Complete Grades 3-6 OPSPARC Glog

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  • 4 Be an Engineer and Create your Own Spinoff

  • 5 Complete a Design Review

    6 Submit

    *See project timeline on home page for deadlines

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  • Student Design Packet

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  • Glog Template

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