Grades 3-5

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  • OPTIMUS PRIME wants YOU to showcase your NASA knowledge in a Glog!

    Your Mission: Search for Spinoffs in your Environment

    OPTIMUS PRIME wants you to identify NASA Spinoff technology in your world and test your skills at changing an everyday object into something that will make your world a better place!

    Using a combination of text, images and videos, create a Glogster Multimedia Poster a “Glog” that you will use to share your ideas with NASA.

    Just like an engineer, you will use an Engineering Design Process to take an everyday object and use it in new ways that will solve a problem.

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    Steps to Complete Grades 3-5 OPSPARC Glog

    Use the following steps to guide you through the Challenge.

    After you have read through the following steps and feel OPSPARC is for you, sign-up for an account, which will require your parent’s permission. You will be provided with the Design Packet, as mentioned in Step 2. Once you have done the necessary research and feel ready to start your Glog, then click on the “Get Started with Glogster” button.

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    1 Be a Researcher

    • Research three NASA Spinoff technologies by using the Resources page on this website.
    • Respond to these questions in the text box in your Glog.
      • In your own words, what is Spinoff technology?
      • Identify three Spinoffs found in your home, school, or environment.
      • Tell us what each Spinoff is, how it works, and how each Spinoff improves your life.
    • In a separate image box, post photographs or drawings of the three Spinoff technologies.

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    Ignite Your Creative Thinking

    Click here for judging criteria:

    Grades 3-5 Rubrics

  • 2 Be an Engineer and Create your Own Spinoff

    • Use the Elementary School Design Packet to guide your thinking as you follow the steps of an Engineering Design Process (EDP).

      NOTE: Either you, your teacher, parent or team member must sign-up to receive the Design Packet.

    • When you have completed steps 1 (ASK), 2 (IMAGINE), and 3 (BUILD) in your Design Packet post a drawing or photograph of your newly designed invention in the image box.
      • ASK: Choose an everyday object and consider how you might change this object into something that will help make the world a better place.
      • IMAGINE: Brainstorm some new ways that you could use the objects you’ve selected and create a sketch or other artwork to show your idea.
      • BUILD: Build a model of your idea.

  • Engineering Design Process

    Graphic of the Engineering Design Process. Step 1: Ask, Step 2: Imagine, Step 3: Build, Step 4: Evaluate, Step 5: Share.

  • 3 Design Review

    • When you have completed steps 4 (EVALUATE) and 5 (SHARE) in the Design Packet, create a video that tells your audience how you might improve your Spinoff idea. Post this video in the video box. Include the following information:
      • EVALUATE: Describe how your Spinoff works. Discuss the strengths and of your model. Suggest ways that you might improve your design.
      • SHARE: Share what you have learned through trial and error.

    4 Submit

    • Submit the OPSPARC Glog no later than March 13, 2017. Glogs will NOT be accepted unless ALL team members are registered and have received parent permission. You must tag team member usernames in the final Glog submitted.

    * All Glogs will be reviewed using the GLOG rubric for Grades 3-5. The top 10 Glogs selected will be posted for Public Choice Voting in April. The winning Glog will be selected by NASA personnel.