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      Test your innovative thinking to create your own Spinoff that will make your world a better place

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      Share your ideas with NASA through text, images, and videos within a Glogster Multimedia Poster

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  • How the challenge works?

    Students will investigate NASA technology and Spinoff technology. To display their research and ideas, students will use a combination of text, images and videos to create a Glogster Multimedia Poster. This poster will be submitted and the student(s) ideas will be shared with NASA.

    Graphic of Project Timeline. Important dates to note. October: Challenge Kick-off. November: Glogster Opens. February 10: Glogster Closes. February 17 (Grades 9-12 Only): 20 Teams selected for inWORLD. March: Top 10 Finalists Selected. April: Public Voting. April 14 (Grades 9-12 Only): Top 5 Teams Selected. April 25 - 27 (Grades 9-12 Only): Design Reviews. May: Winners Announced. June: Winners Workshops & Celebration at NASA Goddard.

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